roll of honour

Listed below are the recipients of the 3 most prestigious awards.

Sports Personality of the Year

1997 Jayne Berry (Athletics)

1998 Chay Billen (Rugby)

1999 Naomi Owen, Radnorshire (Table Tennis) & Marsha Davies (Cricket) Brecknockshire

2000 Mark Jones (Rugby)

2001 Sian Pritchard (Athletics)

2002 Gary Cole (Judo)

2003 Gary Cole (Judo)

2004 Adam Jones (Rugby)

2005 Tom Mallindine (Sailing)

2006 Naomi Owen (Table Tennis)

2007 Stephen Abberley (Judo)

2008 Natalie Powell (Judo)

2009 Austin Davies (Athletics)

2010 Robert Weale (Bowls)

2011 Natalie Powell (Judo)

2012 Jessica Williams (Bowls)

2013 Tim Hawkins (Clay Pigeon Shooting)

2014 Kirsty Powell (Judo)

Disabled Sports Personality of the Year

2003 Gillian Page (Bowls)

2004 Christopher Farmer

2005 Terry Ottewell (Archery)

2006 Terry Ottewell (Archery)

2007 Robert Davies (Wheelchair Table Tennis)

2008 Dan Lucker (Wheelchair Athletics)

2009 Dan Lucker (Wheelchair Athletics)

2010 Robert Davies (Wheelchair Table Tennis)

2011 Shain Lewis (Tennis)

2012 Josie Pearson (Wheelchair Athletics)

2013 Robert Davies (Wheelchair table tennis)

2014 Josie Pearson MBE (Wheelchair Athletics)

Outstanding Service to Sport

1999 Sid Wilding (Cricket & Football)

2000 Bryan Stephens (Badminton)

2001 Bill Bacon (Short Mat Bowls) & Ian Howie (Sailing)

2003 John Davies (Cricket), Tom Jermin (Bowls), Brian Skinner (Cricket) and Howard Thomas (Rugby)

2004 Kath Crane (Athletics), John Morgan, Mike Tom, and Fillip Wiskinewski (Football).

2005 Peter Beetham (Golf), Gay Best (Bowls & Golf), Eddie Boulter (Swimming), Peter Bound (Rugby), Len Meeke (Golf), Malcolm Jones (Sailing) and Paul Worts (Football).

2006 Doug Chapman (Short Mat Bowls), Gaynor Keeble (Football), David Powell (Rugby) and Nick Taylor (Sailing).

2007 Chris Holt (Sailing), Brenda Jones (Netball), David Minton (Badminton), Tony Price (Rugby) and Eddie Williams (Bowls).

2008 Eddie Boulter (Swimming), Brian Bufton (Football), Ian Howie (Sailing), Ken Price (Bowls), Ken Price (Bowls) and Hillary and Ken Roe (Badminton).

2009 Jean Barnes (Swimming), Clive Nicholls (Football), John Tay (Cricket) and Geoff Writtle (Bowls).

2010 Arthur Davies (Athletics), Bill Higginson (Cricket), Trevor Johnson (Football) and Jack Parker (Auto Cycling).

2011 Michael King (Football), Derek Osborne (Athletics), Brian Prosser (Football) and David Vaughan (Auto Cycling).

2012 Anne Bates (Auto Cycling), Sarah Powell (Football & Golf) and Geraint Whiffen (Hockey).

2013 Andrew Griffiths (Boxing), Lyndon Jones (Hockey), Margaret Nuttall (Netball), Graham Rees (Bowls), and Liz Slater (Cycling).

2014 David Connelly (Running) and Brian Jones (Rugby Union).